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To view the latest info or updated Bids refresh your website:

PRESS F5 / or click refresh on browser.

The website automatically refresh every 40 seconds

This system uses server time first come first serve on the server and not on your browser.

The bids are logged by the website and the bidding time is the true time of the bid and can not be changed.

Final bids will only be valid if approved by management and you have received an invoice from us.

System generated invoices and emails are just notifications and must be verified by management.

We reserve the right to cancel , or withdraw any auction at any time or change any bid info at any time.

By using this auction website you agree to our terms and conditions.

Normal auction : Minimum price are determined by our client and bidding to closing date and time.




To bid you Must first Register

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MInimum Requirements to use this system.

  • Browser: GOOGLE CHROME
  • Internet: ADSL 2Meg ,3G , LTE
  • Windows 7

When using anything less than the minimum requirements your bid could be effected.

There are no human interaction when bid has been placed,

the system runs automatically and cannot be tampered with in anyway when bidding is in progress.

Make sure your computer  or device is up to date, has the correct date and time settings and is in good working order.

If your computer is slow it could slow down your bidding time and you may not get the bid in time,

The bid is only registered when you get the notification that bid has been placed

The server time not your device time is used for placing of bids.